Heart of Tuscany, near Siena

This Inn is a farm house which was built in the early 1800.  Bandita means an area in which hunting, fishing and the grazing of cattle is prohibited.  It is therefore a natural reserve.

Our family comes from this area and has lived here since 1975.  Since 1988 we have been offering  our guests the possibility of a peaceful and relaxing stay in one of the most beautiful areas of the Tuscany countryside:  the Val di Chiana.

Love for the countryside, gardening and outside lifestyle characterises our life and our inn-keeping business.  We aim to transmit to our guests, our love for the simple and genuine things in life which are reflected in our style of service, both friendly and spontaneous, and also the type of hospitality offered.

The atmosphere at the bandita (inn) is a familiar and relaxing one and we try to make our guests feel at home; our hotel accommodation capacity is ideal for a family holiday, in the Tuscany countryside of Siena.

Please contact us and ask for our best offer for a relaxing holiday in hotel room in Tuscan countryside.

Locanda La Bandita